Night train to Yekaterinburg!

 Firstly, check out the size of this balalaika! This busking trio really livened us up on our sleep deprived last day in Moscow.


This was our first journey in 2nd class sleepers. The carriages are split into compartments, each with four bunks – two lower and two upper, with the lower bunks converting into seats during the day. We were sharing our compartment with a Russian lady and a Georgian man who were returning from a tour of European cities. They were really friendly and great fun. The lady spoke a little English, but the man did not – although he had very funny facial expressions and excellent miming skills! We hadn’t really prepared ourselves very well for the journey food-wise, but they were extremely kind and shared everything with us so we didn’t have to go to the train restaurant. In return I tried to teach the man how to play the flute, and I was told I have a Georgian nose! We spent two nights and one day on the train. We weren’t bored at all as we were having a great time chatting and miming! We also drank three toasts as called by our companions: the first to us and our marriage, the second to family and friends, and the third to international relations – or as he put it, ‘ Russian – good; English – good; French – good; Georgian – good; all countries – everywhere good people. Politics – BAH!’ 

Playing the flute.

The Georgian Noses!

Some views from the train, with a little imagination…


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