Garlic? Ice cream?

We did go to the garlic restaurant last night and had a wonderful meal. I steered clear of the garlic ice cream though. At the end they ‘treated’ us to garlic schnapps on the house – INTERESTING. Bleearrrgh.

I have not succumbed to the buying of any wooden buttons or medieval paraphernalia thus far, but I was tempted by a clock made from a Reader’s Digest record that had been laser cut into the batman symbol. A winning combination, I thought. We visited the puppet museum, climbed up to the top of a cathedral for beautiful views across Tallinn and went to Fat Margaret’s Tower. We also had a wander around the little gardens made by people for the Talllinn flower festival. The best bits were the deep and meaningful explanations of the symbolism of the gardens, which were reminiscent of the sort of self analysis you do for GCSE. (Example: Luke’s GCSE art sculpture of a person without a face – because he ran out of time to give it a face – represented the ‘cold facelessness of Mother Nature’). Probably my favourite was the peaceful wildflower garden where as you walked through you would be, ‘accosted by various rushes’. Luckily we survived the experience.


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