DAY 1 – 17th September

So! Day one of our round the world adventure…

First of all, I’d like to make a little disclaimer, and tell you a little bit of background to explain how we got to where we are now. (Where we are now is a little unexpected and unplanned for!)

Back in April (I think!), Luke proposed to me at Petworth House, a lovely National Trust property in East Sussex… and I said yes, of course. I got two knees instead of the usual one – bonus! From that time we started to plan not only our wedding, but also our round the world trip; something which we had been vaguely thinking about for a while.

So with full time jobs on the go, we set about our crazy scheme. We fixed ourselves a deadline for the wedding – September 6th of the same year – aiming to leave on our trip shortly afterwards. As well as the wedding and travel plans, we had to arrange for the house to be rented out and find new homes for our lovely tortoise, Bettina, and our piano.

The wedding was FANTASTIC. Cogges Manor Farm in Witney was the perfect venue for us; as well as being a beautiful setting, we were able to put our own stamp on the occasion – this included lots of paintings of tits (the birds, that is!), kazoos to lead us down the aisle, and we even had Molly the barn owl to – nearly – deliver the rings! Our family and friends helped us A LOT with the wedding. WE LOVE YOU ALL! Needless to say, there were many late nights in the week leading up to the big day – cutting out birds, painting tits etc – you know, all the important things.

Anyway. It was wedding, wedding, wedding, then all of a sudden I was Mrs Titley and it was, ARGHHH we have to get our house ready to rent out! For those of you that know us, it will come as no surprise that we managed to fill a large skip whilst clearing out the house. My parents came to the rescue and like whirlwinds managed to accelerate the proceedings significantly. Ele came over and took photos of all Luke’s sketches (there were a lot!) so he could throw them away. Our wonderful friends came over in the evenings to save us from drowning in junk. The marvellous Maws stepped in for Bettina, and she is now holidaying with some new tortoise acquaintances. We bid goodbye to the piano – it got out of our house alright, but Elaine had to remove a door to get it inside hers!

It took until just after midnight last night to get everything ready for the tenants. We had direct debits to cancel, mail to redirect, mortgage agreements to make and goodness knows what else (I’m sure something will come back to bite me!). More boxes to fill. The garden to tame. Then the endless bits and bobs to get rid of that seem to have no place. Oh and the small task of packing for a year of travel! Ha!

We arrived at Luke’s parents’ house just after 1am this morning, exhausted, but excited about starting our adventure with our flight from Luton airport to Tallinn early the next day. We knew we would only get 3 hours sleep, but it was going to be worth it.

That was the disclaimer part.


We blithely turned up at Luton and examined the departure board with increasing incredulity…. Where was our flight?! We checked our boarding passes. Ah. London Gatwick. That was where our flight was. We weren’t going to make it. SO. An expensive plan B and Luke’s parents to the rescue this time… we are now about to board our flight to Tallinn…from Stansted Airport. Later than planned, but still the same day! What fools! Anyway, we are treating this as a timely reminder that everything needs to be triple checked – and at least this happened in the UK!


2 thoughts on “DAY 1 – 17th September

  1. Ooh great a blog about your adventures! Shall be following your progress avidly and HAHAHAHAHAHA about the airport! Like Claire, I would have expected nothing less (must have actually been awful at the time though so I am sorry for you!) Onwards and upwards! Much love to you both xxxxxxx

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